CIRPG is an Open Source Full Stack Role Playing Game.


Make an account, create a character, and battle your way through an endless set of encounters with the hopes of finding the most powerful loot, and making your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Create a Character

From the Create screen, choose any of the available characters and confirm your selection. You will be allocated a random weapon.


Your profile displays your account's statistics, including Total Runs, Longest Run, Current Streak, and account type. If you have an active character, your character's stats will be displayed here, along with your XP progress to your character's next level, and the weapon your character currently yields.


When you enter a battle, your enemy and their weapon are generated at random, based on your current level. Once you commence the battle, you will be prompted when it is your turn, whereby you can attempt to attack your enemy. Enemies will automatically attempt to attack you when it is their turn. The red bar represents Hit Points, and the green bar represents the Turn Meter. The first character to reduce their opponent's hit points to 0 wins.


If you lose, your character is wiped and you start from the beginning. You will be directed to a post-battle screen which displays your score. If you are a premium user, and you are within the top 10 scorers, you will earn a place on the leaderboard.


If you win, a new weapon is generated at random based on your current level, and you can choose to keep your old weapon, or take the new one.

Level Up

For each win, you gain XP (Experience Points) relative to the level of the enemy you have beaten. If you level up following a successful battle, you are presented with your previous stats, and your new modified stats, in the loot screen.

You can make an account and play today for free, however:

  • Your level is capped at 2
  • You only have access to 3 out of the 10 playable classes
  • You can only obtain 2 out of 5 possible item rarities
  • You can only fight 10 out of the 87 possible enemies
  • You can only find 8 out of 59 lootable items
  • You cannot earn a place on the leaderboard

By upgrading to premium, you can infinitely progress through the game, have access to all of the game's content, compete with player's around the world to earn a place in the leaderboard, and have the chance to find Rare, Epic, or even Mythical loot.

I know what you're thinking. That's a whole lot of content for £4.99. And you're right. So head over to the premium page and upgrade today.

What are you waiting for?

HP: These are Hit Points. They determine how much health you have.
Attack: Attack determines how much damage you do on a successful attack.
Defense: Defense contributes to evasion, which is calculated by Total Defense / Total HP (capped at 75%). For example, a character with a defense of 50 and HP of 100 would have a 50% chance of evading their opponents attack.
Speed: Speed determines who acts first, and how frequently they attack. The turn meter is 1000 units long, and each 'tick' of a turn adds the total speed to your turn meter. When the meter hits 1000, it's your turn. If your oponent has 2x your speed, they will attack you twice each round. Rinse and repeat.

When your active character earns enough XP to level up, your character's stats are increased.

First, each stat has a chance to increase by one relative value (i.e 5 for HP, or 1 for Attack, Defense, and Speed). Then, a modifier is applied to each stat. This modifier is random, and is within thresholds determined by your new level.

For example, a character who has levelled up to Level 2, once the base stat increase above has occurred, has a random modifier generated and applied, from between 120% and 140%, for each individual stat. At level 3, these ranges increase to 140% to 160%, and so on.

Unfortunately, this means if you find yourself up against a Level 3 enemy, their base stats are calulated as if they have levelled up twice before facing you. And be warned. Some of those Tier 5 monsters are savage.

You might have noticed in the Codex there are Items and Enemies with different star ratings. Let's call these Tiers. Items and Enemies of different tiers are added to the pool of possible content whenever your current character's level matches or exceeds that Tier.

This means that if you are Level 1, only Tier 1 Items and Enemies are available in the pool of possibility. However, when you are Level 3, all content from Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 is available within that pool.

But what do the Tiers mean? As an Enemy's or Item's Tier increases, their Base Stats increase. I hear you..."Surely a measly extra 2 attack damage isn't going to do much!" And you might be right, if that Tier 5 Cthulu Enchanter was only level one. But At level 5, the effect the accumulative levelling has on these measly extra stats is exponential. Just you wait.

During a battle, you can see the Tier of an Item or an Enemy by the amount of stars on their avatar.

Enemies Tier will always be represented as solid white stars in the battle screen.

But why are some of the Item stars sometimes colored?

This color reflects an Items Rarity.

When items are generated, they always have a rarity tied to them. These rarities are as follows, and are depicted by the following stars within a Battle:






You unlock each rarity sequentially as you level up, so at Level 1 you will only pull Uncommon items. At Level 3 you can pull Common, Uncommon, and Rare items. As you level up, the probability of you pulling a Rarity below your level increases.

For example, at Level 2 there is a 20% chance of pulling an Uncommon item. At level 3, you have a 40% chance of pulling an Uncommon item, and a 20% chance of pulling a Rare Item. However, in order for the item to be Rare, it must first have successively "rolled" as Uncommon. Which equates to about an 8% chance of you pulling an Rare item at Level 3.

The effect Rarity has on weapons is the same effect levelling up has on Characters and Enemies. A Rare item will have had all its stats multiplied 3 times. Mythical items will have had their stats multiplied 5 times. The level of a weapon effects the possible range of multiplier generated per Tier of multiplication.

I know what you're thinking. Either: That's too much information or I don't really care how it works. And that's fine - so let's move onto the final and most important FAQ.

Git gud.